Lucia Dangle Earrings #3 - Carnelian, Fire Opal, Spessartite, Moon Stone, Sun Stone, Citrine, Imperial Topaz, Yellow Aquamarine, & Calcite


Our first metallic knitting was called Lucía, we were inspired by the ethnic figures of the "dream catchers". With each piece of metal and gems we represent the desire to make all our dreams come true.

  • 14K laminated yellow gold
  • Gems included:
    Carnelian: Work and fertility success
    Fire Opal: Creativity 
    Spessartite: Positive energy and protection
    Moon Stone: Inner growth and strength
    Sun Stone: Inner growth and strength
    Citrine: Harmonizes body and spirit
    Imperial Topaz: Physical and mental healing 
    Yellow Aquamarine: Peace in and out
    Calcite: Cleans negative energies
  • 100% natural gems from the most exotic places in the world
  • 100% handcrafted
  • Our gems could present imperfections as they are in their natural state. This makes our pieces even more special and unique
  • Made in Margarita Island, Venezuela
  • Limited Edition.

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