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Zodiac Gemstones

Each sign vibrates to the same tune as its birthstone.
Discover yours!


    Birthstone: Carnelian

    Carnelian, the birthstone of Aries, radiates the warmth and vitality of fire that characterizes this fire sign. With its warm and vibrant hue, Carnelian is like a ray of sunshine that awakens the passion, energy and determination inherent in Aries.

    Like Aries, Carnelian is a stone that symbolizes courage, success and the creative impulse. Its vibrant orange color evokes the heat of Aries' inner fire, urging them to pursue their goals with courage and conviction.



    Constanza Necklace #1 - Aquamarine, Carnelian, Citrine, Pearl


    Birthstone: Emerald

    Emerald, the birthstone of Taurus, embodies the enduring strength and natural beauty characteristic of this earth sign. With its lush green hue, Emerald symbolizes the abundance, stability and growth that Taurus values.

    Like Taurus, Emerald is a stone of great resilience and stability. Its rich green color reflects the fertile earth and steadfastness of Taurus nature. Taurians are known for their groundedness and determination, much like the Emerald, which remains steadfast in the face of adversity.


    Gota Button Dangle Earrings (20mm) - Mix Green Gems

    Gota Button Dangle Earrings (20mm) - Mix Green Gems


    Birthstone: Citrine

    Citrine, the birthstone of Gemini, sparkles with the energy and vibrancy that characterizes this air sign. With its sunny yellow hue, citrine harmonizes body and mind and symbolizes the optimism, curiosity and versatility inherent in Gemini.

    Like Gemini, Citrine is a stone of creativity and intellect. Its bright color reflects the intellectual curiosity and vivid imagination of this sign, which is always seeking new experiences and knowledge. Gemini are known for their ability to adapt to different situations, much like Citrine's versatility in complementing different styles and settings.

     Diana Necklace - Citrine

    Diana Necklace #2 - Citrine


    Birthstone: Pearl

    Pearl, the birthstone of Cancer, embodies the nurturing and protective nature of this water sign. With its lustrous and iridescent beauty, the pearl symbolizes the deep emotional connections, intuition, and security that Cancerians hold dear.

    Like Cancer, the Pearl is a symbol of sensitivity and emotional depth. Its luminous glow reflects the caring and empathetic qualities of Cancers, who are deeply attuned to the feelings of others and seek to create a sense of security and belonging.


    TARBAY Pearls

    TARBAY Pearls


    Birthstone: Ruby

    Ruby, the birthstone of Leo, radiates with the fiery energy and regal charm that characterize this fire sign. With its deep red hue, ruby symbolizes the strength, passion and intelligence inherent in Leos.

    Like Leo, Ruby is a stone of vitality and courage. Its vibrant color reflects the boldness and determination of this sign, who are natural leaders and thrive in the spotlight. Leos are known for their confidence and charisma, much like the Ruby, which attracts attention with its radiant brilliance.



    Aura Earrings Stud - Mix Tintos


    Birthstone: Blue Sapphire

    Blue Sapphire, the birthstone of Virgo, symbolizes the energy you need to make your dreams come true. Its serene blue hue symbolizes the wisdom, clarity and purity inherent in Virgos.

    Like Virgo, Blue Sapphire is a stone of intellect and precision. Its calming color reflects Virgo's meticulous attention to detail and ability to separate truth from fiction. Virgos are known for their practicality and reliability, qualities that are reflected in the steadfast nature of the Sapphire.


    Gota Button Dangle Earrings

    Gota Button Dangle Earrings (40mm) - Mix Blue Gems


    Birthstone: Opal

    Opal, the birthstone of Libra, shimmers with the enchanting energy and harmonious charm that define this air sign. Its iridescent hues symbolize the creativity, beauty and diplomacy inherent in Librans.

    Like Libra, Opal is a stone of harmony and balance. Its kaleidoscopic colors reflect Libra's desire for peace and harmony in all aspects of life. Libras are known for their diplomatic nature and ability to see both sides of a situation, much like the Opal, which promotes balance and understanding.


    Bugambilia Necklace - Opal & rose quartz

    Bugambilia Necklace - Opal & Rose Quartz 


    Birthstone: Topaz

    Topaz, the birthstone of the Scorpio, glows with the intense energy and transformative power that define this water sign. Its deep and mysterious hues symbolize the passion, determination, and resilience inherent in Scorpio.

    Like Scorpio, Topaz is a stone of depth and intensity. Its rich nuances reflect the sign's deeply emotional nature and its ability to navigate the depths of the human experience. Scorpios are known for their passion and tenacity, much like Topaz, which empowers them to overcome obstacles and emerge stronger than before.


    Bliss Dangle Earrings - White topaz

     Bliss Dangle Earrings - White Topaz


    Birthstone: Turquoise

    Turquoise, the birthstone of Sagittarius, radiates the adventurous spirit and boundless energy that define this fire sign. Its vibrant blue-green hues symbolize the protection, strength and wisdom inherent in Sagittarius.

    Like Sagittarius, Turquoise is a stone of freedom and exploration. Its bold colors reflect the sign's love of adventure and fearless pursuit of knowledge and new experiences. Sagittarians are known for their optimism and independence, much like Turquoise, which empowers them to embrace life's journey with courage and resilience.


    Carmencita Ring #3 - Turquoise, Aquamarine, Apatite & Howlite

    Carmencita Ring #3 - Turquoise, Aquamarine, Apatite & Howlite


    Birthstone: Garnet

     Garnet, the birthstone of Capricorn, glows with the unwavering energy and ambition that define this earth sign. Its deep red hues symbolize the prosperity, abundance and determination inherent in Capricorns.

    Like Capricorn, Garnet is a stone of resilience and aspiration. Its rich colors reflect the Capricorn's tireless dedication to achieving their goals and reaching new heights. This sign is known for its practicality and discipline, much like the Garnet, which empowers them to overcome obstacles and manifest success in all endeavors.


    Cleopatra Ring #1 - Garnet

    Cleopatra Ring #1 - Garnet 


    Birthstone: Purple Amethyst

    Purple amethyst, the birthstone of Aquarius, glows with the ethereal energy and visionary spirit that define this air sign. Its deep purple shades symbolize the protection, intuition, and innovation inherent in Aquarius.

    Like Aquarius, Amethyst is a stone of intuition and protection. Its rich colors reflect the sign's visionary nature and ability to see beyond the surface to uncover deeper truths. Aquarians are known for their humanitarianism and independence, much like the Amethyst, which empowers them to stand up for their beliefs and protect those in need.


    Petunia Necklace - Kunzite & Amethyst

    Petunia Necklace - Kunzite & Amethyst


    Birthstone: Aquamarine

    Aquamarine, the birthstone of Pisces, shimmers with the serene energy and flowing grace that define this watery sign. Its calm blue-green hues symbolize the peace, calm, and intuition inherent in Pisces.

    Like Pisces, Aquamarine is a stone of inner peace and spiritual awareness. Its soothing hues reflect the sign's deep connection to the subconscious and its ability to navigate the depths of emotion with grace and compassion. Pisces are known for their empathy and sensitivity, much like Aquamarine, which encourages them to find solace in their inner world and connect with their intuition.


    Niza Necklace #2 - Aquamarine