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Our Story


Sisters Marta and Ana Sofia Tarbay are the founders of TARBAY. They grew up in the Island of Margarita, always in contact with nature and sea. Since they were little, their parents encouraged them to appreciate art and to travel, which helped them develop a sense of style at a very young age. In 2002 the brand TARBAY was born as mean to express both their passion for precious gems inherited from their grandparents and their love for the island that watched them grow.

They believe in the importance of helping all the communities that support the growth of TARBAY. Throughout the years they have counted on a group of women in the Island of Margarita that meticulously handcraft each piece of jewelry.

At TARBAY, we emphasize on the artistic development of new designers, and through collaborations with fresh talent we want to expand the brand’s reach to new frontiers around the world.

Our Philosophy 

At TARBAY we create pieces inspired by women from around the world by creating jewelry ornaments in a way that helps us find our balance and reflect the best of our essence while wearing these pieces.

Through our unique and limited edition collections of jewelry, bags and shoes we tell the story of our followers and their experiences in life inspired by art, literature, poetry family, friends, personal growth, philanthropy and even dreams.

Our jewelry is handmade with skilled craftsmanship that brings out art value and exclusivity. Made with the most precious stones found all around the world and our characteristic element, Pearls, brought from the Island of Margarita. This along with our conceptual bags, filled with details and our highly feminine shoe brand, designed focused on comfort with handcrafted natural leather.

At TARBAY we develop an alternative approach to traditional jewelry, combining precious gems and laminated metals into handcrafted pieces of jewelry that are unique, versatile, affordable, and with an universal character. This philosophy has given us the opportunity to expand our product lines to include shoes and handbags. Women from around the world are the inspiration behind each of our pieces. We want our followers to connect with us through their hearts and to feel a sensation of wellbeing every time they wear one of our products.