Pearls are the backbone of all our collections.

Timeless, sophisticated, marine organic elements, that emerge from the deep. Pearls are light.

A symbol of beauty, style and elegance.

An endless source of inspiration for TARBAY.

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Tajali Flats

Handcrafted to fill every step with an explosion of color, comfort, style and versatility at your feet.

Enjoy life and dance freely with our TAJALI sandals

A TARBAY staple that you just can't miss.

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Gossypium Bags

Knits are the essence of TARBAY.

The talented hands of our artisans and the innovative ideas of our design team, have made of the Gossypium Bags an icon:

2,500 meters of cotton thread knit
12,500 stitches
35 hours
 of manual work

The result is a bag that we consider a true jewel.

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