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Article: Meet COSTA Collection


Meet COSTA Collection

Hello dear reader. We are very pleased to announce the launch of our TARBAY Spring-Summer 2024, COSTA collection.

This collection is inspired by sailing and the feeling of the sailor to live the adventure, to be on the rocking of the waves, without looking for a course, just enjoying the opulence of the sun and the wind that runs through the skin. COSTA also has a deep relationship with my family, because my brothers and I grew up at sea, sailing and feeling a special connection with the waves and marine life.

Sailing is man's first instinct to explore, to look for new worlds and to leave the daily routine behind, a symbol of expansion that allows to move between the sea and the winds to reach the desired destination.

Nowadays, being on a boat is a symbol of freedom, being close to the golden rays of the sun and the brightness of its reflection on the water is like being filled with the exuberance of gold in the sparkling of the sea and the immensity of the wind.

COSTA tells the story of two beautiful, self-confident women, eternal friends and lovers of adventure, life and the sea, who embark on a sailboat to enjoy the immensity of their surroundings. The sun's rays reflect their brilliance on the water, like the shimmer of gold on the women's skin.

Without looking for a specific course, they enjoy the moment, play with the wind, jump into the sea, walk on the shore of the boat, move the sails to redirect their route to an island paradise where they enjoy the tranquility and the simple fact of living among laughter, sea and sun. They record the whole adventure because they do not want the memory to be ephemeral, and then return to the boat and back to their life, but now full of fullness.

As in all our collections, the Island Glamour is the protagonist, a lifestyle that starts from the brightness, well-being, from the proximity to the sea, and is reflected in the look of every TARBAY woman.

Discover COSTA. Welcome aboard!

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