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Article: A Gemstone for every Kind of Love


A Gemstone for every Kind of Love


Dear reader, today we begin one of my favorite seasons of the year, when love in all its manifestations and forms abounds... Yes, I am talking about Valentine's Day, Love and Friendship Day, or whatever you want to call it.

Each of our gemstones, associated with different colors, vibrates and gives life to a type of love; and it is my pleasure to share them with you during this special time. So, when you give a TARBAY jewelry, you are giving an intention that connects with pure feelings.

The most important love is in the reflection of ourselves, the first jewel that we decide to polish every day, from which all other types of love are born and which invites us to immerse ourselves in a journey that begins every day in the mirror: self-love. We associate it with purple gems such as Amethyst, Iolite and Kunzite.

Cultivating this kind of love leads us to recognize our own worth, as well as the qualities, accomplishments, and abilities that make us unique and that we will reflect in others.

This reflective process of self-awareness not only improves your emotional well-being, but also positively impacts all of your interpersonal relationships.

Gema Iolite

 Gema Necklace - Tanzanite

There is another love that manifests itself in so many aspects of our lives, starting in childhood when we create and build friendships that we learn to love over time and then mature throughout our existence: the love of friendship. The color of the gemstones associated with this love is yellow, such as Citrine and Yellow Aquamarine.

Diana Necklace

Diana Necklace #2 - Citrine

As we grow up, we learn that there is a love that feels different when we talk about feelings towards a partner, romantic and passionate, associated with the color red, such as Ruby, Red Jasper and Garnet. This love that we see in movies and series that are consumed under the emotions and, many times, madness....

But then we begin to live that movie in our own flesh and we realize that we feel a pure love that goes from innocence to complete surrender of the heart. This is associated with the color pink: Quartz Rose, Morganite and Sunstone.

 Mermelada Ring

Mermelada Ring - Morganita, Granate, Cuarzo Cherry

Years go by and love turns into sincere love, which needs to be cultivated daily and can be reflected with a white gemstone: our all-time favorite, the Pearl.

Keshi Necklace

Keshi Necklace #01

And in the end, the love we want to achieve is that which is in balance and harmony, that which is transmitted with the blue of Cyanite, Aquamarine and Apatite, that love which has evolved over time and which we cherish forever.

LOVE is the most beautiful and powerful feeling on the planet, it connects us to our essence and to each other, and it remains a powerful force that shapes our lives. So... let's celebrate all kinds of love!

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