Cotula Necklace #4 - Moon Stone, Apatite, Rhodochrosite, Tourmaline, Nacre, Carnelian, Aquamarine


Add a touch of timeless elegance and glamour to your outfit with the Cotula Necklace. This sophisticated necklace features organic elements of moon stone, apatite, rhodochrosite, tourmaline, nacre, carnelian, and aquamarine to provide an inspiration look.

  • 14K laminated yellow gold
  • Gems included
    Moon Stone: Inner growth and strength
    Apatite: Personal Power
    Rhodochrosite: Love and compassion
    Tourmaline: Strengthens the spirit
    Nacre: Imagination and intelligence
    Carnelian: Work and fertility success
    Aquamarine: Peace in and out.

  • 100% natural gems from the most exotic places in the world
  • 100% handcrafted
  • Our gems could present imperfections as they are in their natural state. This makes our pieces even more special and unique
  • Made in Margarita Island, Venezuela
  • Limited Edition.

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